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The 4 week Shape Shifter Challenge

Do you feel intimidated by the gym? would you love to have a personal trainer? Do you want to get your body into shape? Do you need professional help and motivation? are you just feeling fed up with waisting your time and money on unsustainable fad diets and weight loss apps ?


I have found the solution to all your problems, trust me!! Many have, and acheived amazing results.



New challenge starting every month.

Small group personal training 




Being online is allowing me to provide my services to more clients from all over the world, this is a wonderful thing.

You will work with me following an exercise regime that delivers results whilst fitting it in around your life, you will follow my high protien recepie book too sustain a healthy eating lifestyle.


It doesn't matter where you live or where you exercise because my online training is designed to be followed as long as you have access to wi fi.

This plan gives you unprecedented access to the training methods, nutritional guidance and regimes i use with my face to face clients. No fad diets here, just proven methods that with your hard work and honesty will get you the results your looking for. 

I should warn you that you need to trust me and beleive in yourself. I will do everything to help you to achieve your goals and you must do the same.



You will receive access to Fit N Abel's High Protein recipe book, 

You will need to download my fitness Pal onto your phone and connect with Fit N Abel, you will be required to log your foods and workouts. 

My aim is to teach you how to make the right healthy food choices, which as a result will mean you will sustain healthy eating habits for life.


This includes 4 weeks worth of progressive Hiit workouts that last between 15-25 mins, and therefore can fit into any busy schedule. You will book a weekly check in with me online on a Thursday or Friday to discuss how the plan is going.

  • You must be ready to change !

  • You must be honest !

  • You must trust me !

I can not do the work for you, you will have to be the one who turns down the junk foods. You will be the one that pushes yourself during the workouts, but i am here to take the guesswork out of your training, and provide you with a service that will support and motivate you all the way along.


Structured Progressive no equipment needed workouts

Easy to follow and cook healthy nutritional recepies.


Cost Effective

Weekly check ins

Produce real results




Once you have completed your 4 week plan you will receive a certificate of completion. You will become  a Fit Bod graduate and be invited to stay on plan with others that to have graduated. There will be new recipe books, including vegetarian and snack books,new workouts, tons of support and a more sustainable approach to your health and fitness regime. Fit Bod - sustain group for graduates.

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