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So ditch the excuses, grab a friend, and take a hike (literally). #PersonalTrainer #Energy #Workout

5 Celeb Trainer-Approved Tips To Get In Shape, No Gym Required

And for good measure, we had to ask Payne about her favorite workouts that can be done outside the gym. She goes for "gymnastics body workouts, kinstretch, and animal movement workouts." Really anything that "gets the joints to move in all directions and be more functional." Lastly, Payne advises thinking about what a fun workout looks like for you. "Those will give you more energy, and energy will determine your mood and mental state. If you don't like the gym, that doesn't mean you don't exercise— it means you find another activity!" So ditch the excuses, grab a friend, and take a hike (literally). Gym's are a great resource if they work for you, but if they don't, you've got plenty of options.