Most people are maxed out on time and put their own health and fitness on the back burner. They know that healthy eating and regular exercise does wonders for their waistlines and mental health, but they don't see how they can fit it all into their busy schedules.


I have a variety of step by step coaching programmes to help you to get into the best shape and keep it that way for life.

Introducing you to The Fitnabel Online Coaching Academy.

Being healthy, fit and strong has never been more important. Alot is uncertain right now but one thing is for sure and that is people spending more time online searching for how to lose weight or workout videos on Youtube, but don't stick to anything that will create long standing habit changes and in turn life long lasting results.

I will provide you with all the tools you need to develop sustainable habits of eating well, exercising, mindfulness, self compassion and general well being.

This isn't a coaching program where I am just teaching 'how to' this is a program that keeps you accountable every step of the way. It's the most rewarding way to feel great when you accomplish the tasks given.


To access the Academy there is a monthly subscription of £49. This is only open to people who really want to make a real change in their lives ,change old habits and see life changing transformations.


So here’s why Joining the Academy is so powerful…

If we can learn how to effectively form new habits, we can change or create anything we want in our diets and lifestyles.

Habits are formed when actions are tied to a trigger by consistent repetition so that when the trigger happens, you have an automatic urge to carry out the action.

For example:

  • When you wake up (trigger), you go have a shower (habit). 

  • When you get to work (trigger), you grab a coffee (habit). 

  • When you get stressed (trigger), you eat junk food (habit).

Everyday we, go through this constant state of triggers followed by habits, and they happen without us even noticing. 

So how do these habits form?

  1. Through constant repetition over years.

  2. At first they were conscious efforts but with time they became more automatic and less conscious. 

  3. There is a feedback loop that encouraged us to repeat the habit for a good length of time.

For example: if you feel stressed and eat junk food, you might feel short term pleasure or satisfaction (positive feedback).

But if you’re stressed and stop yourself from eating the junk, you might remain stressed (negative feedback).

The body likes to take the path of least resistance, so it will consistently aim for the positive feedback, causing us to repeatedly carry out an action when the trigger occurs.

This is why improving your diet or exercise routine consistently proves difficult for many of us.

check this…

If your ‘healthy diet’ is boring and bland, then it’s unpleasant to follow (negative feedback), so when you give up and eat your favourite foods again, you enjoy it (positive feedback).

And if you currently feel like this around ANY of the changes you are making towards an improved diet or lifestyle then this feedback loop is set up to normally ensure you don’t stick to those changes for very long.

So these tested, optimised, proven and easy-to-follow along step by step programs for achieving incredible results through effective lifestyle coaching strategies are now available.

The Academy makes amazing transformations feel natural and effortless by focusing on one change at a time. 

Basically, I ask you to make changes more slowly.

This little change has more power than most coaches realize. 

It will help to learn any skill, from mindfulness to exercising to eating better. 

It will help form habits that are long-lasting. 

Slowing down will help you become more effective and ironically, help reach goals faster.

Incredible transformations are best formed by going slow, at first.

What do i get?

The Academy will be a place where i will coach you through step by step the following programs of which are designed to help you create incredible mind, body and lifestyle changes, that last a lifetime.

  • The You Are What You Eat Program

  • The Stop Snacking Program 

  • The Protein is Power Program 

  • The Eat Your Greens Program 

  • The Eat Your Carbs Program 

  • The Eat Healthy Fats Program 

  • The Hydrate Like An Athlete Program 

  • The Improve Your Sleep Program

  • The Eat Real Food Program 

  • The Improve Your Gut Health Program 

  • The Reduce Your Stress Program 

  • Monthly Recipe Packs - 15 brand new recipes

  • Free Access to Fit in 20 - daily 20 minute workouts

There will be:

weekly coaching calls where we will discuss progress and ask questions etc. Via a private facebook group . This will be a Q&A session which will work very well for any questions you may have about your the program or the app where the program will be taking place. and a chance to chat to others that are going through it just like you.

You will achieve an incredible body, mind and lifestyle and make changes that will last a lifetime.